December 26, 2015

That makes today…Kick Boxing Day, right? Or at least Dust Off the Exercise Bike You Fat Cow Day, anyhoo.

Oh. My. God. The calories.

I started Weight Watchers a few weeks ago, and I’ve been verrrrry slowly  making  progress, a half pound at a time, but still–progress. Until the past week. I am so not getting on the scale this week. Fortunately, I go to the “at work” kind of meetings, and we don’t have one next week between Christmas and New Years, so I’m off the hook. I have a chance to stay as far away from food as possible for the next ten days, and maybe not have to give back all of my  “Good Job” stickers that I’ve earned. Gotta love a program that gives out stickers for good behavior. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with being in first grade.

Our Christmas was lovely. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and brother, and his kids, our kids, and two girlfriends, and one girlfriend’s mother, who is visiting from Turkey. She brought some really cool presents! I received a beautiful framed piece of a bride’s veil. It’s got gorgeous gold embroidery, and is from 1900-ish.  My mom and mother-in-law both got beaded evil-eye wind-chime type things. Dila gave me an evil-eye tree last summer. I sense a trend…

This is, apparently, also the Year of the Scarf. Dila (Son 2’s GF) gave me a pretty green silk scarf with some marbling effects. Very light and filmy.  Zoe (Son 1’s GF) also gave me a cool scarf–a bigger, brown and pink and white floral patterned, lightweight, square one. AND one of our grad students, Xiaoxian, gave me an embroidered blue silk scarf from China.  I guess it’s time to grow the hell up and wear nice shirts to work–tops that I can wear a pretty scarf with and not look like a dork (I think I need Stacy and Clinton to come help me–WHAT NOT TO WEAR people! I need help!).

On the other hand, my favorite daughter gave me a kick ass t-shirt that says, “Forget Lab Safety, I want Super Powers!”  So maybe I’ll keep a few days a week for my “real” clothes, LOL.

What did you get for Christmas?


DECEMBER 16, 2015  yarncropped  Happy Wednesday! I made yarn!

I’m trying not to think too hard about the graduate student who may have poured a few hundred dollars worth of chemicals down the drain yesterday while I left him alone in the lab, so it seems like a good time to focus on OTHER THINGS.
Wow. I’ve been soooo busy the past few months.

I’ve been writing up a storm!

–Book Two of the Bourbon Boys series is in the works. It’s going to take a little longer than I had originally hoped (doesn’t everything?) but it’s going to be so good!

–My “What Happens In Vegas” book, “Accidentally In Love With The Biker” will be coming out in February. I got all the edits done and sent in and am now waiting to see the cover…Stay tuned!

I took a couple of classes this fall–as a university employee, I get free tuition, so I’ve started taking online classes that interest me. So far I’ve taken “Women in Criminal Justice,” “Website Management,” and “Gender and Pop Culture.” That last one has me examining every word I put down to make sure I’m not wallowing around in the Jerk Alpha Male Zone too much while I write. I have a new side-mission in life: to help bring the “feminism” back from the land of Words That Have Been Corrupted To Mean “No Boys Allowed.”

Oh. And I have straight “A’s.” Not that I’m working toward a degree, but it makes me feel good. Maybe I can graduate Summa cum KickAss with a PhD in Continuing Education, LOL.

Also, I dusted off my spinning wheel the other day while my Bengals were getting their butts whooped by the Evil Pittsburgh Steelers. I tell you what, I had that wheel turning off the base. It beat throwing empty Diet Coke cans at the television. Mr. Stanley would not be happy if I injured his high definition baby.

But! I plied some yarn that I started probably two years ago, and made a few yards of singles (singles, for those of you not in the Yarn Lingo club, is yarn that is only one ply–one strand. It’s usually fatter than most multi-ply yarn, if that even makes sense). Anyway, it was fun to work on a craft that I have neglected for far too long. I think it’s going to be my new go-to for writer’s block. Very meditative!


yarn plied

This is plied yarn. It’s got two single strands twisted back around each other.

This is singles yarn. It's only one strand.

This is singles yarn. It’s only one strand.