2017 Appearances

I’m going to be running around like a crazy girl this summer–woo hoo!

Click here to find out about Lori Foster’s RAGT in June

From May 2-7 I’ll be at the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention in Atlanta, GA.

I’ll be wandering around fangirling over all of my favorite authors when I’m not posing as an author myself. Here’s my schedule:

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 2:45pm – 3:45pm
Location: LL2/Exhibit/Reader Level
Room: Grand Hall West, 3

Join Annette Funicello (Kim Rocha) & Frankie Avalon (Kim Lowe) for a special edition of Book Cover Bingo. Expect spontaneous singing, dancing, & flirting with lifeguards inspired by the beloved 60s film. Readers will join sun loving authors at their favorite beaches and compete for the book laden gift baskets … perfect for the sand and surf!

 I’m hosting the Puerto Vallarta table (that’s where Lesa’s from in A Shot With You!) with my good friend Stacy McKitrick (who has a different beach…we’re two beaches, just hanging out, lol). 
Thursday, May 4, 2017 4pm – 5pm
Location: LL2/Exhibit/Reader Level
Room: Grand Hall West, 3

The Shooting Stars Gala

Come and party with The Seymour Agency’s award-winning and bestselling authors as they celebrate readers, publishing and all things awesome about this industry! Snacks and cocktails will be served and there will be giveaways and LOTS of prizes as each author provides presents for each person at their table and raffles off a special gift basket! Each attendee will receive a gift bag with goodies including a small bottle of wine, writing tips, free books and other swag. Bingo prizes include: books, wine, critiques, and gifts–all hand-delivered to you by RT’s Hottest Cover Models. To add to the festivities, you‘ll find chocolates and games at each table. Come mix and mingle with industry professionals, New York Times bestselling authors, reviewers and fellow book lovers.

 My awesome agent, Nicole Resciniti and the rest of the Seymour agency people are hosting this fun event. It’s always a great time. Each author has a table with lots of goodies and fun times! 
Friday, May 5, 2017 11:15am – 12:15pm
Location: LL2/Exhibit/Reader Level
Room: Grand Hall West, 3

Join Entangled authors, editors, staff, and 4 drool-worthy Sara Eirew models for this sweet event. Join over 25+ of your favorite Entangled authors for a cut-throat and enticing game of Spoons that will have you yelling, “Bring it on!” Will you be the last one standing? At this annual Entangled event, everyone leaves a winner! Each player leaves with a custom tote bag filled with swag, books, candy, and custom gifts you can only get at RT. Besides the custom goodie bag, Entangled is giving away hundreds of books, and 3 Grand Prizes.

OMG. If you’ve never been to Candy and Spoons, you’d better wear protective gear. This can get CRAZY! It’s a card game, kind of musical chairs with spoons for the chairs. And the winner gets a Sh-ton of books. 

Last but not least, I’ll be signing at the big book fair on Saturday afternoon. That’s from 11-2, and it’s an amazing experience. This is the first time I’ll be there as an author, so I won’t have time to walk around and fawn over the amazing authors who are there, I’ll be sitting there smiling hopefully and waiting for YOU to come get a signed book!