While I should have been editing…

I’m Teri, and I’m a compulsive crafter. There, I’ve admitted it.

When I’m not working at my day job or writing, I’m usually elbows deep in some sort of fiber art project or another. That’s not to say that I don’t also love other media, but I’m really into things like paper, yarn, and fabric.

This is the page I made to commemorate my DAR induction.

As a matter of fact, I can turn almost any other part of my life into an excuse to go to Michael’s for more stuff. For example: Last summer I got really interested in genealogy. My dad passed away last spring, and my mom gave me a big pile of papers that included some family tree stuff. I joined Ancestry.com to verify what I had, and have been in that rabbit hole ever since.

During my genealogy excursion, I found that I’m descended from several patriots of the American Revolution. So what does one do with that information? Well, I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution, which is kind of like grown up girl scouts. They do a lot of patriotic service type stuff.

I’ve also begun to amass an incredible volume of information, which I feel compelled to make available to anyone in my family. And if I’m going to share it, I should make it look nice, right? Granted, I could just send them all links to my Ancestry tree, but I’ve downloaded a ton of census forms, and gravestone photos, and junk like that, so…I figured I’d compile it into a book. I’m a writer, I can do this!

Except THAT decision sent me back to dig through the boxes of scrapbooking supplies that I haven’t used in FOREVER. Of course, most of it was purchased in 1997, and the colors don’t really work, so I had to go to Michael’s.

Meanwhile, I went to Pinterest for ideas about how to lay it all out. And discovered this whole new concept–digital scrapbooking. I mean, I knew it was out there, I just thought it was kind of dumb. Until I started looking into it.


And a lot of it’s free! I found this website called Pixelscrapper where you can get lots of free “paper”and embellishments and stuff. There are many other sites, this is just where I started. Most of the people who do digital scrapbooking seem to use Photoshop (pricey!) or Photoshop Elements (which is the abridged version of the program, and cheaper, but even on sale it’s still about $70). Photoshop is an awesome program and it does a ton of stuff–you have to spend a lot of time watching Youtube videos to figure out how to do things, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad. But again with the pricey thing. I have it on my computer at work, but since I shouldn’t be scrapbooking at the day job, I needed a home version. So I’m using GIMP. It’s a free download, and I’ve found that it does almost everything that Photoshop does, though there are some different steps–and also a lot of online tutorials.

This page is to document the places my great grandparents lived. Are you impressed with the fancy shadows? Yeah, me, too.

Anyway. I’ve made a couple of lame attempts at putting together some pages. Clearly I need more tutorials…like how to do basic graphic design, maybe? These layouts aren’t going to make it onto anyone’s Pinterest board, but I had fun making them!

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