One Shot, Coming Up!



Hey there!

I’ve been busy being artsy and craftsy lately–that mosaic stone is one of my creations. I apologize if you’ve already seen it seventy-five times, but honestly–shoving pretty rocks into cement is like the coolest thing, ever. Who hasn’t wanted to carve their initials into a fresh sidewalk? This is like that, except you’re not going to get in trouble for it. I’m not sure where I’ll put it, but we have plenty of neglected yard space!

My next Bourbon Boy story, A Shot with You is on the horizon. I was thinking it was a long way out, but it’s scheduled for release on January 9, 2017–you know, next year–but that’s only about 7 weeks out. Holy crap! I need to start thinking about pimping this book, so I’m going to be posting lots of tequila things on my social media sites…and I’ll make a page here with some fun stuff, too.

I started a pinterest board with loads of good stuff, but can’t seem to actually FIND the board to link it, just my profile.

In just a couple of weeks, on December 3, is the


Book Chicks of Greater Cincinnati’s Toys for Tots Author Luncheon,

which is being held in Newport, KY…it’s going to be a great event, and there are still tickets available for lunch, or you can come to the free book signing that’s being held from 1-3.

I’m busy doing NaNoWriMo right now, or at least trying to…I’m woefully short on my word count. I’d like to get a serious chunk of my next “Accidentally in Love” story done, but my intentions and reality don’t always line up! Futzing around on Pinterest probably isn’t helping much…hmmm…

That’s about all the news for now, CHEERS!

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