Pie, and Feeding Authors

Pie, and Feeding Authors

512512There’s an awesome new initiative SWEEPING THE INTERNET (at least, we hope so!) called “Buy a Book, Feed and Author,” designed to…uh, help authors sell books so they can buy groceries.

The idea is that authors (like me!) get to pimp other authors by sharing their favorite books. I had a really, really hard time deciding what book to promote. I have a lot of author friends, and it seems incredibly disloyal not to pick one of my besties. But then I would have to leave out the rest of my close friends, and then I’d lay awake at night worrying that I’d hurt someone’s feelings, and then it would be even harder for me to finish my second Bourbon Boy book because my brain would be all full of otherthinking thoughts…

So I made a list of my comfort reads, and semi-randomly chose one. Very scientifically. So scientifically that I won’t explain it here, because I don’t want to melt anyone’s brain. But once I chose it, I realized that it’s completely appropriate, because it’s got a food theme going…and if nothing else, I’m all about the food.

You can go read about my choice here: Buy a Book, Feed an Author .

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