My Planner’s Uglier Than Your Planner 2

I’ve been on this Get Organized and Productive And Amazing In General kick the past couple of weeks (just want to point out that I started this thing BEFORE New Years Eve). I started following this Bullet Journal planning system with some tweaks and tips from Lisa Jacobs and everything in the universe from Pinterest (okay, not everything. I had to stop before I lost ALL of the time I’m supposed to be saving by  being the WORLD’S BEST JOURNALLER).

ANYWAY. All these planning blogger type people are all about POST YOUR OWN PLANNER pictures on Facebook and Twitter and InstaSnap (I made that one up). But I have total journal inferiority issues, so I’m hesitant to throw my pathetic attempts out there for the interwebs to chew up and spit out.

But you, my friends, I trust with my less than perfect journalling. I’m not going to share a picture of the page where I track how much I ate this week *shudder*, nor am I going to show you  my to-do list.

But here’s the less than glamorous page I made to motivate me to get my rewrites for Bourbon Boys 2 finished. Yes, it is a very lame cartoon. My hand lettering will get me thrown out of Scrapbookers Anonymous. But see those little lines at the bottom? Each little line gets me 1000 words closer to my goal.

Please don’t tell my editor how few lines I have in the bottom of my tequila bottle, okay? I’m working on it!

The Amazing Shot With You word count recording system.

The Amazing Shot With You word count recording system.


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