Working on a New Year

It’s the quiet time–the week between Christmas and New Years. The week where there’s nothing much going on at work (technically I’m off, but I’ll be going in to take care of some things, I guess. *sigh*). The week where I can futz around and try to clean and organize things that I ignore the rest of the year, and make BIG PLANS for how next year is going to be SO MUCH BETTER and more organized and productive.

Hey, it could happen!

Instead of going all in for a big old goal-setting planner that I’m going to stop using after a month, I’m gonna try this Bullet Journal system I wandered across yesterday.  Basically you get to use pretty pens and make schedules and lists and lots of pretty doodles in a notebook of your own choosing, and you adapt it to fit your own needs.

I love this concept, because, while I am miserable about following someone else’s suggestions for how to have a PERFECT, ORGANIZED LIFE, I am consistent about dragging one of these every where I go:

I love these because they come extra cheap at the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR (that would be back-to-school supply season). I have dozens. Every time I open a new one, I feel a whole bunch of new possibilities open up in front of me. And they’re not so danged expensive that I’m afraid to write in them!

I write all kinds of stuff in these, and it’s rarely well organized. Or at least it wasn’t well organized in the past. But NOW I have a section at the front for a…shocking development…TABLE OF CONTENTS. And I am free to make notes about everything I think of, and keep lists, and calendars, and everything, and it will all be nicely indexed at the front of each journal.

I use these notebooks often to brainstorm plot issues.  I’ll have six pages of free-association thinking about one book, and then switch to another with no rhyme or reason, and then when I need to go back and find what I wrote for one of them, I have no idea where to go.

Or at least I didn’t. Now I can use the magical index and find, not only where I decided that Molly and Will should have sex in the hay loft, but where I wrote down the time and date of my daughter’s next doctor appointment. It’s AMAZING!

So. What are you doing to get organized for 2016??

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