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DEADLY CHEMISTRY is still .99 for the next couple of days!


As my first week as a published author winds down, I have SO MUCH to be grateful for…My mom has been pimping my book to all of her friends–we’ll see what they have to say to her after they read the naked parts, huh?

Someone asked the other day if reading my book was like looking through the keyhole of my bedroom door. Uh, not so much.


I did a lot of fun stuff this week. First of all, make sure you stop by Pump Up Your Book to enter the Blog Tour contest for a $25 gift card to your choice of online book-retailers! There are a lot of blogs there that are featuring DEADLY CHEMISTRY even though you may have read my blurb more than you’d like to, there are a lot of other great books featured on those sites, to go! Make sure you enter the contest!

I already linked to a few other places I went this week, but I want to encourage you to visit

Amie Louellen, who is also a Seymour Agency sib, and invited me to post on her blog

Suzanne Johnson, a friend I met online a few years ago, and then in REAL LIFE last year in Kansas City. I sent her a whiny guest blog about the travails of world-building.

One of my crit partners, Dawn Alexander had me over,

Cathy Perkins posted in Blame It on The Muse,

I posted about why I like romance: The Big Oof on “What’s that Book About

and there is a lovely review on Literal Exposure. And a great close-up of that nipple on my book cover.

AND another nice review on She Hearts Books!

Let’s see…

I also went to a Facebook Party hosted by my most excellent friend, Jessica Lemmon, who’s MILLIONAIRE AFFAIR came out on Tuesday.

Are you sick of me yet? I’m sick of me. Of course, I have a few more blogs to visit over the next few days, and I’m going to ease up on the compulsive Amazon page refreshing to finish that sequel to DEADLY!

Have a great weekend!


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