Some chemical reactions generate too much heat….


OMIGOD, it’s finally here. MY BOOK IS OUT!!!!!  And it’s on sale for the next week, for .99!!!!!

I have all kinds of stuff going on this week.

There is a blog tour: Pump Up Your Book has me signed up to go to a whole bunch of different blogs to spread the toxic cloud…

June 23  I guest blogged at Joyfully Reviewed, and there is a review posted at Tori MacAllister’s website that made me cry, it was so nice.

June 24,

DEADLY CHEMISTRY is featured at I Heart Reading

and I’m being Interviewed at Review From Here

I also visited my friends, Cathy Perkins, Anne Lange, and Amie Louellen (link to come!)

Enter my contest! You can win your choice of a $25 Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, or PayPal gift card!

Go HERE to enter. I haven’t figured out how to copy the rafflecopter thingy onto my website yet.

I’m being featured on a bunch of promotional websites and newsletters, including a new readers’ site where they’ll send you ebook recommendations tailored to your taste.

So GO! Buy it now! You can even read it if you want. If you’re a member of my family or a coworker, please know that the nekkid parts are completely based on someone else’s life.

DEADLY CHEMISTRY is available for purchase from

AMAZON for Kindle


iBOOKS for iPhone, iPad, iEverything

and KOBO for…the Kobo thing.

OH, WAIT! Hey! It’s really, really helpful if you leave an honest review wherever you bought Deadly Chemistry, and on Goodreads, if you ever go there. An example of an honest review would be something like: “Deadly Chemistry is a love story greater than anything I’ve ever read in my entire life. It changed my life and made me a better person. It also made me want to get a PhD in Biology and try to save the world. And to build the fictional town of Tucker, Kentucky.”

Just don’t say you know me, if you do. Amazon will take down the ones that say, “My cousin has written the best book in the history of literature. Elizabeth Barrett and Mr. Darcy have nothing on Mike Gibson and Lauren Kane.”

Okay, that’s probably all for right now.







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