I’m It.

I don’t mind much being “it,” but I know that I’ll never catch anyone else to tag. I am, truly, the slowest walker/runner/blog-tagger in the universe. But I’m a good sport, so here we go:

(I was going to put a picture of me smiling bravely right here, but I’m just not rocking the selfies right now. Maybe some hair product and make up are in order before I try that)

ANYWAY My most excellent friend Jessica Lemmon tagged me to post a few things about myself…so I figured I’d better get on the stick now, before I’m tagged by ninety-nine more people and drown in a pool of guilt. Here’s the deal. I’m supposed to answer some questions:

Q1)  What am I working on/ writing?

A)      Ha! All The Things! The sequel to DEADLY CHEMISTRY is almost finished, and then I’m going to do a Savvy Authors workshop next week to get ready for a Summer NaNoWriMo type thing. I have the book I want to write started, so that’s on deck!

But mostly I’m busily girding my loins for the release of the afore-mentioned DEADLY CHEMISTRY on June 23. People are starting to add it on Goodreads, which I think is a good thing. It’s a good thing, right? And some bloggers I know have told me that they requested ARCs from NetGalley, so that’s good, too, right?   *Buys All The Ben And Jerry’s*

Q2)    How does my work/writing differ from others in it’s genre?

A)      Hmm…well, my debut is Romantic Suspense with Love, Angst, and Nekkid parts–which I think is found in almost all romances, right? Okay, the nekkid parts are optional. My particular romantic suspense is infused with a lot of my snarky personality, but hopefully keeps the dark, angsty, feelies that make us romance readers come back for more. I aspire to be the writing love child of Elmore Leonard and Taylor Swift. How’s THAT for unique?

Q3)    How does my writing process work?

A)      Ummm…there’s a process? Well, let’s see. I work full time in a research lab, so I have to fit my writing into the crevasses of time I manage to find–either during a lull in the science (and that’s not an oxymoron, people, science CAN be exciting and action packed–if you have low expectations)–or I write at night after I get home. Sometimes, I’m really lucky, and on a Saturday I can lock myself in my office and type until my fingers go numb. I love that!

I’m a plantser, with means that I plot, and then write by the seat of my pants a little, and then go back and rearrange the plot outline that I sort of made, and then I write some more, and then I go back and repeat the process, and sometimes I finish a book. I’m a huge fan of Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat process for plotting. At least it gives me the mountain tops to get me from one foggy valley to the next.

So that’s it.

Now, go check out Jessica. Her new book comes out the day after mine, and the first two of this series were AMAZING. So you have time to read them before this one comes out: millionaire affair

I know, right? Sizzzzzle.

Now, I’ve got to go figure out who blogs slower than me–someone that I can catch to tag for this blog hop!

One thought on “I’m It.

  1. You bought all the Ben & Jerry’s and didn’t share? Shame on you! I would have loved a bite (or two or three hundred). But don’t go thinking you’ll make up for it by tagging me. I’ve already done this, so I don’t need to bore the few readers I have by posting it again. Of course, that’s saying I don’t bore them now, but hey, I’m hopeful I’m not. They keep coming back anyway!

    Good luck on you NaNo thingy. I never did one of those. Timing always seemed to suck.

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