RAGT 2014

What on earth is RAGT, you might ask? Well. In case you don’t know, it’s the Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together in West Chester, Ohio.

This was my second year, and it rocked. I think the thing that sets this conference apart from other, larger conferences, is the opportunity to interact with potential fans (who will, I’m sure be real fans here ins a few weeks after Deadly Chemistry releases). Yes, at RT, you get to meet MORE readers, but at RAGT, you get to see the same people more than once, and to get to know them a little.

There is one poor woman, Amy, who foolishly asked me to sign the little autograph book they gave out last year, and as that was my first time signing my pen name for a real human being (as opposed to the imaginary signings I did, like when I doodled “Mrs. Tom Hopkins” on my notebooks back in the day (and I didn’t really, as I met him in college, but it seems kind of weird to mention the boys I had crushes on in ninth grade)), I became a crazed lunatic.

I made her let me take her picture. I waved and yelled “hi” every time I saw her. And then THIS year, when she made the mistake of saying hello, I followed her around squealing all weekend.

In addition to seeing a lot of my friends from OVRWA, I met Samantha Kane, who is an author I have loved for years. I mean, in a totally non creepy stalkery sort of way. I love her books. I only just met her in person, so it would be weird if I pledged my undying troth, or offered to go home with her. But she does right some down right twisted, dirty historical romances, and I got addicted a long time ago.

Anyway, I have to go back to getting a proposal together, but I wanted to pop in and remind you all that I exist, and that I’ll be here bugging you a LOT more over the next few weeks!






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  1. You should’t say that poor girl Amy- I loved that you did that!! It makes me feel special and I look forward to you making it big (which I know you will because I am super excited for 6\23) and I will be able to say I was your first fan!!!! And we can always squeal at each other next year at RAGT

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