Summer Reading

It’s here! I think it’s really, finally here!


Stella Takes Her First Swim of the Summer
Stella Takes Her First Swim of the Summer

We’re spending the weekend getting our camp set up. And by camp I mean opening the kind of fancy fifth wheel travel trailer, getting the lawn furniture set up, making sure there’s toilet paper and plenty of bug spray.

Not exactly roughing it.

I’m also gathering the summer reading material. What are you going to read this summer? Right now I’ve got How to Marry a HIghlander on my Kindle app, and Kristen Ashley in paperback (one she signed for me at RT: SQUEE!).

I just finished The Fault of Our Stars by John Greene, and cried all the way through it. When I wasn’t laughing. How incredible!

One thing I might suggest for your reading list? DEADLY CHEMISTRY, by Teri Anne Stanley. It releases in just one month from Entangled!  I’ll post buy-links and all that good stuff as soon as they are ready!  I can’t wait to see the cover!



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