There Is Strangeness In My Brain

That’s not really a news flash. Anyone who knows me understands that seemingly disconnected statements sometimes (!) pop past my verbal filter. There are a lot of funny jokes that work really well in my brain, but fall flat once out of my mouth–usually because I skipped some sort of processing step. And sometimes I just think odd thoughts and have to share them.

But it’s been a long time since  I remembered a dream. And last night’s was a doozy. So I’m going to tell you about it, just because I can.

I dreamt my mom and I were standing in my driveway, and from nowhere (okay, from the sky) appeared a military helicopter. It dove right down near us and shot a bumper thing out of it’s front end, bounced off the street and did a flippy thing in the air.

And then a soldier guy in a Transformers suit jumped out and did more flippy things in the air, and off the hood of my car, with his transformer armor/wings/stilts stuff, and then flew back into the helicopter and disappeared.

And that’s all that happened. What on earth do you suppose THAT means?

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