SWAG season


I made a new banner.

AND I ordered some buttons. AND some new business cards. I’m cutting myself off, though…the temptation to get coffee mugs and t-shirts and keychains and…well, it’s all pretty fun to futz around playing with all that stuff online. But I really need to be writing, so I’m done ordering promotional stuff.

Well, I might still get a personalized phone case. I’m trying to make myself wait until I have a cover for Deadly Chemistry. Because I think what I REALLY need is a semi-nekkid hot guy in my pocket, or plastered to the side of my head.

I’m getting excited for RT…and Lori Foster, after that!  Tis the season for conferences. I only wish I could go to EVERYONE of them.

Maybe next year…I mean, the day job is nice and all, but they don’t REALLY need me there, do they?

One thought on “SWAG season

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