I’m still goin’ strong!

That’s what the little “hello dolly” thingy in the upper corner of my dashboard says. I’m not sure WHY I have the “hello dolly” thingy, but the Bearded Wonder felt like it was important when he helped me set up my website.

But it seems appropriate today, especially since it took a good five minutes–okay, forty-five, if you count snooze button hits–to get out of bed this morning.

*cue rusty hinge sound now*

But anyway. Today is the REAL BIRTHDAY day. The climax (heh) of BIRTHDAY WEEK.

And guess what ELSE I found has a March, 1964 birthday! The Midlife Crisis! That’s what I call my own personal little red convertible Mustang. Mine came off the line somewhere in 2012, but here’s me, driving around in it’s mom:

tracy mustang 1964

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