It’s my lucky birthday week!

This is my birthday week!  Woo-Hoo!

I was thinking about wallowing around feeling old and fat and achy in sort of an anti-celebration. I’m pretty good at that, and I’m a strong believer in working with your strengths. But then, just before this most recent round of Snow-Mageddon hit, I went to Kroger to load up on milk and bread and Diet Coke, and found this:

I'm magically delicious!

I’m magically delicious!


How cool is that! Me and Lucky Charms (and Janice Bierly, who was in my kindergarten (through high school) class, shares my birthday) are fifty this month. And maybe General Mills didn’t really put my face on the box, maybe that was me and Photoshop, but still. I think I’m gonna play the lottery.

I think that since it’s my lucky birthday week, we should all make lots of wishes. And as my gift to you, I’ll help you wish. I’m sure that will make everyone luckier.


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