Eyebrow Issues

This is where I ramble about something stupid, because I haven’t blogged in so long, and I feel like you need a post, before you all forget about me…


That’s what my self-portrait would probably look like, if I were to have any computer graphic skills at all.

Okay, maybe not quite, but some days…

I found a gray eyebrow hair this morning. What the heck? I never, ever, ever thought about the implications of gray eyebrows. What does one do with a gray eyebrow hair? Well, the obvious suggestion might be to pluck it. Especially if you’ve achieved unibrow, as I apparently have, in which case I could remove a few more regular-colored ones.

Might I also mention that the light in my bathroom is terrible, and that I only notice these things when I use my rear view mirror or the one in the bathroom at work?


So I can pluck this one gray hair. But what happens when it’s sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles show up, and they’re living in the good, keeper part of the space above that which makes me a brown-eyed girl? Is this where I start using an eyebrow pencil? Does an eyebrow pencil even cover up a gray hair? I really don’t want to pluck them all and draw on new ones. Do I have to dye my eyebrows? How do I deal with that? Doesn’t that look kind of dumb?

And why, oh why, can I not raise one eyebrow at a time? Other people can. Was I dropped on my face, and now have some weird thing where I can’t raise one eyebrow, and can never express the universal facial signal for “huh”?

Okay, I’m pretty sure I could find something more important to worry about right now. Like my job, or my next manuscript. Have a good weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Eyebrow Issues

  1. I happen to find this a very timely post. I *cough* may have recently found one of those little b*stards myself. Maybe. If I concentrate hard enough, though, I can almost convince myself that it’s ultra-platinum-blond. 😉

  2. My husband gets the rogue eyebrow hairs, the random realllllllly long ones. When I cut his hair, I get the privilege of trimming them.

    Last time, I accidentally shaved off half his eyebrow. I never told him. And since he never looks in the mirror, he never knew. 🙂

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