Me and Some of my Imaginary Boyfriends
Me and Some of my Imaginary Boyfriends

Last weekend was the Lori Foster Reader Author Get-Together, in West Chester, Ohio.

I’ve been trying to get to this event for years…it’s held right up the road from me, and my parents live even closer (keyword: free bed!). FINALLY got to go this year, and got signed up on time (quite a feat, believe me!). I had soooo much fun. And didn’t come home sick, like I did from the Romantic Times Convention!. Hopefully I also won’t be having a heart attack next week.

I got to hang out with some previously existing friends, and made lots and lots of new friends, both writers and readers. I even signed a few autographs!  Woot!  I’m good luck, too. The first person who asked for my official Teri Anne Stanley autograph won not one, but TWO iPad Mini’s during the weekend. I’d say Amy’s damned glad she asked for my autograph.

Just sayin’.


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